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Tune-Up List
We think the Werkstatt Tune Up is the Best in Town…and here is why:

  • You will always get a copy of the list below with the technician’s notes
  • You get a chart of all measurements before and after the valve adjustment for your records.
  • It includes extra work not included at other shops like brake fluid change
  • We take extra care to let you know if there is anything else wrong with your bike that you should be aware of or that should be taken care of
  • We always perform a safety check, anytime you bring your bike to Werkstatt
We do this to ensure you have a safe ride and you know exactly what we do to your bike and so you can get a better idea of what you are looking at for recommended services in the future.
We have 3 levels of tune ups available: mini tuneup, general tune up and full tune up. The mini tune up consists of an oil change, chain adjustment, air pressure, general lube, and a safety check. A general tune up consists of everything on the list below except the valve adjustment, and full, tune up is the whole list below. Prices vary according to model, but start at $162 plus parts for the mini, $324 plus parts for the general, and from $540 plus parts for the full tune up depending on your bike.
Here is a list of what a Werkstatt Tune Up consists of:


  • Change motor oil and filter
  • Change coolant
  • Change brake fluid and bleed brakes
  • Change clutch fluid


  • Lube all pivot points / grease nipples on chassis
  • Lube drive chain / On BMW, shaft drive
  • Change gear box oil
  • Change drive shaft oil
  • Change final drive oil


  • Adjust valves (ON MAJOR TUNE UP ONLY)
  • Adjust cam chain
  • Adjust drive chain / check condition
  • Check tire pressure, set to __________psi frt_________psi rear
  • Adjust front and rear brake, _______% frt brake,_________% rear brake
  • Adjust throttle cable
  • Adjust clutch cable

Electrical Maintenance:

  • Change spark plugs
  • Check spark plug leads and caps / change if necessary
  • Check battery fluid level / top off
  • Grease battery terminals
  • Check charging, charges to _______Volt
  • Clean or change points
  • Set points gap
  • Set timing
  • Check all lights / replace bulbs where accessible


  • Clean air filter / replace if necessary
  • Drain carbs, check for dirt and water
  • Synchronize carburetors


  • Check steering bearings
  • Check swing arm play
  • Check steering / axle / swing arm bolts for tightness
  • Safety check

Test drive / check overall performance