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Pre-Purchase Inspection

While we do not sell bikes, we do offer a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection to help you determine the value of the motorcycle you are thinking of buying.

To have a list of everything the potential future bike will need is also very useful in the bargaining process.

We do offer this as a same-day-turn-around service to accommodate the buyer and seller. Anybody that is selling a bike should be open to this option unless they have something to hide.

To make an appointment please call at 415-552-8115 the day before if possible, although we sometimes might be able to squeeze you in on a same day notice, if the work load permits.

Below is a sample of what our pre-purchase inspection sheet looks like:

Werkstatt Pre-purchase Inspection

  • Customer
  • Yr/Make/Model
  • License #
  • Mileage
  • Condition of brakes/percent remaining front/rear
  • Condition of chain/sprockets
  • Condition/Air pressure of front/rear tires
  • Condition of steering head bearings
  • Condition of suspension
  • Operation of lights:
  • Head/Tail/Brake/Turn Signals
  • Oil/Coolant/Fluid
  • Levels/condition
  • Signs of crash damage (steering stops, shifter/brake pedals,
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    sub frame, foot pegs, levers, etc.)

  • Condition of battery/charging system
  • Test ride bike
  • Safety inspection
  • Front/Rear axles correctly torqued
  • Compression test (optional/additional cost)
  • Leakdown test (optional/additional cost)
  • Air filter condition (optional/additional cost)
  • Estimate of Repairs Needed

Although we believe that we provide the most comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspection in San Francisco, it is possible that we may not have uncovered all current or potential problems. This evaluation should not be considered as a guarantee against any current or future repairs.